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Financing Challenges Loom as Trivium Packaging Sale Faces Uncertainty


Private credit funds eye $2.5 billion deal for Trivium Packaging amid Ardagh's $10.8 billion debt challenge.

By Mackenzie Crow

4/3, 13:58 EDT

Key Takeaway

  • Private credit funds may offer $2.5 billion to finance the sale of Trivium Packaging, indicating significant market interest despite financing challenges.
  • Ardagh Group's €10 billion debt and industry pressures add complexity to Trivium's potential $3.5 billion sale, affecting buyer attractiveness.
  • The reliance on staple financing reflects the difficulties in meeting valuation expectations in a volatile packaging industry market.

Financing Challenges Ahead

Private credit funds are reportedly gearing up to offer a substantial financing package to facilitate the sale of Trivium Packaging, a notable player in the US packaging industry. This move, involving a potential $2.5 billion in private debt, underscores the complexities and risks inherent in large-scale corporate sales, especially in an industry facing relentless competition and shifting market demands.

Uncertain Sale Prospects

The stakeholders in Trivium, including Ardagh Group SA and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board, are revisiting the idea of selling the company, a notion that was previously considered in 2021 but did not materialize. The current efforts to secure a sale, potentially exceeding $3.5 billion, are fraught with uncertainty. The reliance on staple financing—a pre-arranged financing package offered to potential bidders—highlights the challenges in finding a buyer willing to meet the owners' valuation expectations in a volatile market.

Ardagh's Debt Dilemma

A significant backdrop to this sale attempt is Ardagh Group's ongoing struggle with its substantial debt load, approximately €10 billion ($10.8 billion). The decision to explore the sale of Trivium is closely tied to Ardagh's broader strategy to manage its financial obligations, a situation that has led to the engagement of financial and legal advisers and the organization of creditor groups. This context raises questions about the financial health of Ardagh and the potential impact on Trivium's market value and attractiveness to buyers.

Industry Pressures

Trivium operates in a sector that, while essential, is subject to intense competitive pressures and rapidly evolving consumer preferences. The company's focus on metal packaging for various industries, from food to beauty and home care, places it at the intersection of environmental considerations and the push for sustainable packaging solutions. As such, any potential buyer would need to navigate these industry dynamics, further complicating the sale process.