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OakPoint Eyes DB90 Zoning for Mixed-Use Hub in NW Austin

OakPoint to transform Northwest Austin with mixed-use development, incorporating affordable housing under new DB90 zoning.

By Doug Elli

4/3, 16:03 EDT

Key Takeaway

  • OakPoint proposes rezoning of Northwest Austin office complex for mixed-use development, including residential, retail, and office spaces.
  • The project seeks to utilize the new DB90 zoning, allowing construction up to 90 feet with a portion dedicated to affordable housing.
  • This redevelopment could transform existing Class A offices into a vibrant mixed-use hub, aligning with Northwest Austin's high-density development trend.

Transforming Northwest Austin: A Mixed-Use Vision

In a bold move that could redefine the landscape of Northwest Austin, OakPoint has set the stage for a significant transformation of the Park and Park North office complexes. Situated along the bustling North MoPac Expressway, these properties, constructed in 1981 and 1999, are poised to transition from their current office and commercial zoning to a vibrant mix of residential, retail, and office spaces. This initiative, propelled by the city's newly approved DB90 zoning, reflects a growing trend towards mixed-use developments, offering a glimpse into the future of urban living and working environments.

The DB90 Catalyst

The heart of this transformation lies in the adoption of Austin's DB90 zoning, a strategic response to the invalidated VMU2 zoning category. This change not only facilitates the construction of mixed-use projects up to 90 feet in height along major corridors but also mandates the inclusion of affordable housing units, ranging from 10 to 12 percent of on-site residential spaces. OakPoint's decision to leapfrog directly to DB90 zoning for the 12-acre site underscores a commitment to fostering inclusive, high-density development, aligning with broader urban planning goals aimed at addressing housing affordability and sustainable growth.

A Blueprint for Urban Renewal

The proposed mixed-use redevelopment of the Park and Park North sites is emblematic of a larger shift towards revitalizing urban areas through diversified land use. While specific details of the project remain under wraps, the potential for integrating hundreds of affordable housing units within a dynamic commercial and residential setting presents a compelling vision for Northwest Austin's future. This approach not only responds to the pressing need for affordable living options but also capitalizes on the area's potential as a hub for innovation and community engagement.

Beyond Office Spaces: A New Urban Identity

The prospect of transforming expansive surface parking lots and existing office buildings into a bustling mixed-use enclave signals a significant departure from traditional urban development patterns. This shift reflects a broader recognition of the changing dynamics of work, living, and leisure, prompting developers and city planners to reimagine the fabric of urban neighborhoods. As neighboring projects, such as the apartment complex on the former Luby’s site, begin to take shape, Northwest Austin stands at the cusp of a transformative era, poised to emerge as a vibrant, mixed-use hub that caters to the diverse needs of its residents and businesses.