Apple Services Experience Outages, Transparency Shines Amidst Tech Disruptions

Apple quickly resolves service outages affecting App Store, Music, and TV+, amid broader tech disruptions and financial challenges.

By Athena Xu

4/3, 20:33 EDT
Apple Inc.

Key Takeaway

  • Apple Inc. faced outages across key services including the App Store, Apple Music, and TV+ between 6:13 p.m. and 7:35 p.m. Eastern time.
  • Despite a 12% decline in shares this year, Services remain crucial for Apple, accounting for 19% of its revenue.
  • The incident adds to recent tech disruptions but showcases Apple's transparency with a comprehensive service status page.

Service Disruptions Across Apple's Ecosystem

Apple Inc. experienced outages affecting several of its services on Wednesday, including the App Store, Apple Music, and the TV+ streaming platform. The disruptions occurred between 6:13 p.m. and 7:35 p.m. Eastern time, as reported on the company's system status page. Users encountered error messages such as "Cannot Connect" and "Something went wrong. Please try again" when attempting to access these services. The downtime was also noted on Downdetector, a website that monitors online service outages, where complaints about the problem surged.

In addition to the aforementioned services, the issues extended to Apple Arcade, the Books and Podcasts apps, and its Fitness+ service. Despite the widespread disruptions, some services, including the App Store accessible via the Vision Pro headset, iCloud Mail, Apple Pay, the Apple Online Store, HomeKit, iWork, and the iTunes Store, remained operational, ensuring that disruptions to mobile payments and the use of the Apple Card were avoided.

Financial Impact and Recent Challenges

The outage comes at a challenging time for Apple, whose shares have declined by 12% so far this year, in contrast to the S&P 500 index, which has gained 9%. The Services category, which includes the App Store, accounted for 19% of Apple's revenue. The company earns a commission from individual app purchases and in-app transactions, although developers retain all revenue generated through the App Store for most applications. This incident follows a lawsuit filed last month by the U.S. Justice Department against Apple, alleging that the company used the iPhone's popularity to stifle competition.

Outage Amidst Broader Tech Disruptions

The Apple outage occurred only hours after a brief disruption affected multiple Meta services and platforms, highlighting a day of technical difficulties for major tech companies. Unlike Meta, which provides a status page for only some of its business products, Apple offers transparency by showing the status for all of its services on its official Apple Support website. This approach allowed users to stay informed about the status of the affected services during the outage.