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Developer Interest in Singapore's Long-Stay Serviced Apartments Falls Flat


Singapore's long-stay apartment initiative receives minimal interest, with only one bid per site, questioning its impact on high rents.

By Mackenzie Crow

4/4, 07:40 EDT

Key Takeaway

  • Singapore's pilot for long-stay serviced apartments received minimal interest, with only one bid per site despite high rents.
  • City Developments Ltd. and a joint bid by GuocoLand Ltd. and Intrepid Investments show cautious developer investment at S$1.1 billion and S$780 million.
  • The lukewarm developer response questions the effectiveness of this strategy in addressing Singapore's rental market challenges.

Tepid Response to Rental Solution

Singapore's innovative approach to mitigating the city-state's escalating rental prices through the introduction of a new category of serviced apartments for long-term stays has seemingly failed to ignite significant interest among developers. The Urban Redevelopment Authority's (URA) recent tender process for sites designated for these projects witnessed a lukewarm reception, casting doubts on the effectiveness of this strategy to address the rental market's challenges.

Underwhelming Developer Interest

The URA disclosed that only one bid was received for each of two sites earmarked for the development of these serviced apartments, intended for stays of a minimum of three months. This outcome is particularly striking given the context of Singapore's robust real estate market and the pressing need for solutions to the high rent issue plaguing both locals and expatriates. The lack of competitive bidding for these sites suggests a cautious or even skeptical stance from developers regarding the viability and profitability of this new accommodation model.

Major Players' Modest Bets

The bids, while substantial in monetary terms, came from some of Singapore's real estate heavyweights, with City Developments Ltd., the nation's largest listed developer, offering S$1.1 billion ($817 million) for one site. The other bid, amounting to S$780 million, was jointly submitted by GuocoLand Ltd. and Intrepid Investments Pte, a subsidiary of Hong Leong Holdings Ltd. These figures, although impressive at first glance, reflect a cautious approach from developers, possibly due to uncertainties surrounding the demand for such serviced apartments and the regulatory framework governing them.

Addressing Rental Frustrations

The initiative for these serviced apartments was unveiled last year as a direct response to the mounting frustrations over soaring rents in Singapore. The government's intention was to provide a more flexible housing option that could alleviate some of the pressures on the rental market. However, the tepid response from developers raises questions about the project's capacity to make a significant impact on the rental landscape and whether alternative strategies might be necessary.