GE Aerospace Receives Buy Rating with $160 Price Target Amidst Surge in Stock Price


GE Aerospace earns Buy rating with a $160 target, signaling strong growth potential post-Vernova separation.

By Bill Bullington

4/4, 08:32 EDT

Key Takeaway

  • GE Aerospace receives a Buy rating from Vertical Research Partners with a $160 price target, highlighting its strong position in the aerospace aftermarket.
  • The company's stock surged about 90% over the past 12 months, with projections suggesting further growth based on a valuation of 33 times estimated 2025 earnings.
  • Wall Street shows strong confidence in GE Aero, with average price targets around $165, indicating optimism for continued success and market dominance.

GE Aerospace Ascends

GE Aerospace, having recently completed its separation from Vernova, is already capturing the attention and admiration of Wall Street, with analysts quick to endorse the standalone aerospace giant with optimistic forecasts and Buy ratings. The company, renowned for its dominant presence in the aerospace sector, particularly in jet engine manufacturing, is poised for continued success, according to industry experts.

Analysts Rally Behind GE Aero

Rob Stallard of Vertical Research Partners has initiated coverage of GE Aerospace with a Buy rating and an ambitious $160 price target. Stallard's enthusiasm is rooted in the company's unparalleled position in the aerospace aftermarket—a segment that is estimated to contribute around 80% of GE Aerospace's operating profit. "While the stock has been on a tear over the last year…we think it is still the most appealing of the three mega-cap U.S. aerospace names," Stallard remarked, acknowledging the company's potential for further growth despite its already impressive performance.

Unmatched Market Influence

GE Aerospace's influence in the aerospace industry is undeniable, with its engines powering approximately three-quarters of commercial flights worldwide. This dominance is not only a testament to the company's engineering prowess but also to its strategic business model, which emphasizes long-term revenue generation through parts and service over initial equipment sales.

Stellar Performance and Optimistic Projections

Following its independence, GE Aero's stock has shown remarkable strength, surging about 90% over the past 12 months. This upward trajectory is further supported by Stallard's price target, which suggests a valuation of about 33 times the estimated 2025 adjusted earnings per share of $4.62. Such optimistic projections are echoed by other financial institutions, with Barclays and Deutsche Bank setting their sights even higher, at $175 and $190 respectively.

Wall Street's Vote of Confidence

The aerospace sector's enthusiasm for GE Aero is palpable, with the company receiving a flurry of Buy ratings and elevated price targets from analysts. This collective optimism not only underscores the company's robust financial health and strategic market positioning but also signals a strong vote of confidence in its future prospects. The average price target, now standing at roughly $165, represents a significant upside from current levels, highlighting the widespread belief in GE Aerospace's potential for sustained growth.