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Sudan Hunger Crisis: 18 Million Face Acute Hunger Amid Conflict

18 million in Sudan face acute hunger amid conflict, with only $145 million of the needed $2.7 billion funded.

By Mackenzie Crow

4/4, 09:49 EDT

Key Takeaway

  • Sudan faces a severe hunger crisis with 18 million people, or 37% of the population, experiencing acute hunger due to conflict.
  • Humanitarian aid delivery is significantly challenged, with the WFP managing to send food convoys into conflict-ridden Darfur.
  • The UN's humanitarian appeal for $2.7 billion for Sudan is largely unmet, with only $145 million funded; France plans a donor conference on April 15.

Escalating Hunger Crisis

Sudan is currently facing a severe hunger crisis, with 18 million people, or 37% of the country's population, experiencing "acute hunger." This situation has been exacerbated by ongoing conflict between two rival generals, which erupted almost a year ago. The war has not only claimed at least 14,600 lives but also displaced 8.2 million individuals. The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification group, based in Rome, reported on Tuesday that 4.9 million of those facing hunger are in emergency levels of food insecurity.

Aid Challenges Amid Conflict

The delivery of humanitarian aid has been significantly hindered by the conflict. In February, the Sudanese government revoked permission for humanitarian groups to bring life-saving aid into the country. Despite these challenges, the World Food Programme (WFP) managed to send several convoys carrying food into the western Darfur region last week, where some of the worst fighting and atrocities have occurred. The WFP highlighted the immense challenges faced in reaching communities trapped in active battle zones due to insecurity and ongoing fighting.

International Response and Funding Shortfall

The United Nations has made a humanitarian appeal for $2.7 billion to address the crisis in Sudan, of which only $145 million has been met so far. In response to the growing crisis, France has announced plans to host a donor conference on April 15, coinciding with the first anniversary of the war, to draw more attention to the situation in Sudan. This move underscores the international community's concern and the urgent need for increased funding and support.

Efforts to Mitigate Hunger

Despite the dire circumstances, efforts to mitigate the hunger crisis are ongoing. Last week's aid convoys, which entered Darfur from Chad, aimed to provide food and nutritional assistance to as many as 250,000 people. The WFP has emphasized the need for additional convoys to run on a daily basis to meet the country's needs adequately. These efforts represent a critical lifeline for those affected by the conflict and the resulting food insecurity.