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Jamison Faces Default on $87.5M Equitable Plaza Loan Amid Falling Occupancy

Jamison Properties faces potential default on $87.5M loan for Koreatown's Equitable Plaza amid declining occupancy and financial strain.

By Tal Alexander

5/16, 12:09 EDT

Key Takeaway

  • Jamison Properties faces potential default on an $87.5M loan for Equitable Plaza in Koreatown, with the loan maturing in June.
  • Occupancy at Equitable Plaza dropped from 67% to 57% last year, pushing debt service coverage down to 1.12.
  • The building's top tenants are set to leave by end of the year, exacerbating financial strain on Jamison Properties.

Looming Default in Koreatown's Skyline

Jamison Properties, a prominent figure in Los Angeles' real estate scene, is on the brink of defaulting on an $87.5 million loan for a towering office building in Koreatown. The 34-story Equitable Plaza at 3435 Wilshire Boulevard, a significant piece of the city's architectural heritage, is facing financial distress as its loan maturity date approaches without a clear repayment plan. This situation has led to the loan being transferred to special servicing, a move indicative of the challenges facing commercial real estate in the post-pandemic landscape. The building, also known as The Equitable Trust Building, is a notable structure in Los Angeles, standing as the 39th tallest building and showcasing a Modernist design.

A Glimpse into the Financial Strain

The financial health of Equitable Plaza has been waning, with occupancy rates dropping from 67% in 2021 to 57% last year. This decline in tenants, coupled with a decrease in debt service coverage from 1.68 to 1.12, signals a precarious financial position for Jamison Properties. The impending departure of the building's top tenants, Commonwealth Business Bank and Wilshire Business Center, exacerbates the situation, potentially leaving a significant vacancy in their wake. This scenario underscores the broader challenges facing office buildings in maintaining occupancy and financial stability in a market still recovering from the shifts induced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Broader Implications for Los Angeles' Real Estate

The potential default by Jamison Properties on the Equitable Plaza loan is emblematic of the larger issues confronting the Los Angeles commercial real estate market. Jamison, known for its extensive portfolio and influence in Koreatown, has been pivoting towards converting office spaces into apartments, a strategy reflecting the changing dynamics of urban real estate. However, this potential default, along with the special servicing of another loan for an office complex in Encino, highlights the financial pressures and uncertainties looming over commercial landlords and investors. These developments signal a critical juncture for the market, prompting a reevaluation of strategies for commercial properties amidst evolving work habits and preferences.

A Turning Point for Commercial Real Estate

The situation at Equitable Plaza represents a microcosm of the broader challenges and opportunities facing the commercial real estate sector in Los Angeles and beyond. As companies reassess their office space needs and the market grapples with the implications of remote work, the traditional commercial real estate model is under scrutiny. For investors and developers like Jamison Properties, the current climate presents both hurdles and potential pathways for adaptation, including the conversion of office buildings to residential use or other innovative reuses. This pivotal moment could redefine the landscape of urban real estate, with significant implications for investors, developers, and the city's architectural heritage.